The Office of the Vice President for the Division of Research and Economic Development (DRED) supports and guides MSU faculty in their research efforts. It has primary responsibility for research policy, oversight of the administration and management of grants and contracts to support faculty research activity, and oversight of responsible conduct of research education and compliance. OVPR&ED works with the deans and department chairs to develop and support institutional and cross-disciplinary research initiatives.

It focuses on promoting excellence in research activities and scholarship such as facilitating creative and collaborative research opportunities, enhancing technical capacity to increase external funding from major public and private funding sources, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to the responsible conduct of research, management and commercialization of faculty generated intellectual property (IP) portfolio, and community engagement. It serves as initial point of contact for companies interested in connecting with the MSU research enterprise to explore possible collabortions.

  Five Years of Achievement 2013-2017 (Single Page Layout)

  Five Years of Achievement 2013-2017 (Two Page Layout)

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