Morgan is a major economic engine for the city and state annually producing $1 billion in statewide economic impact, supporting 6,500 jobs and generating $47 million in state tax revenues.  About 60 percent of that economic and employment impact occurs in Baltimore.

Morgan Economic Impact statistics

Morgan produces $1 billion a year in economic impact in the state of Maryland.

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Cover for Morgan Economic Impact ReportMorgan State University is the preeminent public urban research university in Maryland.  For over 150 years, the university has been providing affordable high-quality education to students, producing research that enriches the state and serving as an anchor in Northeast Baltimore.  Morgan has made monumental impact on the economy, community, and society in a number of ways that will provide beneficial for years to come.

Morgan Capital Investments

  • Earl G. Graves School of Business & Management
  • Martin D. Jenkins Hall
  • Calvin and Tina Tyler Hall (Student Services Building)

Morgan's influence extends beyond the economy and into the community through engagement activities that are mutually beneficial.  Per $10 million in research, the university produces key innovation outcomes that surpass the state and national average.  Morgan also focuses on the issues that matter most to the state's well being and in-state innovation retention.

Nearly 17% of Morgan Alumni are employed in the STEM fields, versus 11% for all Maryland schools.

The Morgan Community Mile engages with the community to improve the quality of life in Northeast Baltimore neighborhoods.

The Office of Community Service provides programs that contribute to the university's 20,000 hours of student volunteer and community service.


Morgan's focus on developing an innovation ecosystem in Baltimore and Maryland is embedded in its vision.  Innovation is a key "Institutional Core Value" listed in Morgan's 2011-2021 Strategic Plan, which emphasizes growing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Morgan fosters a robust culture of innovation through an initiative called Innovation Works (I-Works), led by the Office of Technology Transfer.  The I-Works programs support faculty, staff, students, and the community's intellectual pursuits to create new innovations and technologies.

The Office of Technology Transfer has also initiated the Innovation of the Year Awards to celebrate and recognize the innovative contributions of members of the Morgan Community.

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