Emergency & Crisis Management Procedures

Colleges and universities are not always mentioned specifically in the planning that is occurring at the national, state and local public health department level. Yet, should a crisis occur, there may be large numbers of persons on a campus who need to be informed, kept safe and possibly treated for a physical and/or mental condition.

The safety of the Morgan State University community during an emergency is predicated on advance planning, as well as building awareness about how the plans will be implemented. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be better prepared in an emergency if they know how the University will respond, where they can find information, and what they should do.

Key to that awareness is good communication. This site will be an essential tool for sharing plans and providing relevant information in case an emergency arises at Morgan State University or in the surrounding area. It provides recommended procedures for responding to certain emergencies. Many of these procedures are adapted from the Morgan State University Crisis Management Plan. This guide should be easily accessible in offices and other workspaces and used as a ready reference to supplement good judgment and common sense.

Please bookmark this site and visit often, as you will find updated messages to the University community with relevant information and instruction in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Alert System (EAS)

  1. All federally licensed broadcast stations and cable systems monitor the national EAS and their state-wide EAS. All participants in the EAS may also initiate their own, localized emergency messages.
  2. You can listen to any local radio station or watch any local television station for national or state-wide EAS announcements.
  3. You may listen to WEAA 88.9 for national, state-wide, and Morgan State University specific EAS announcements.
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